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Announcement: release of new editions of CIF dictionaries

IUCr Chester, 21 July 2005

In association with the publication of "International Tables for
Crystallography Volume G: Definition and Exchange of Crystallographic
Data" (expected mid-August 2005), revised versions of all current
CIF dictionaries have been released on the IUCr web site:

  core CIF dictionary                  version 2.3.1  dated 2005-06-27
  powder CIF dictionary                version 1.0.1  dated 2005-06-14
  modulated structures CIF dictionary  version 1.0.1  dated 2005-06-16
  electron density CIF dictionary      version 1.0.1  dated 2005-06-14
  macromolecular CIF dictionary        version 2.0.09 dated 2005-06-27
  image CIF dictionary                 version 1.3.2  dated 2005-06-25
  symmetry CIF dictionary              version 1.0.1  dated 2005-06-17

  DDL1 dictionary                      version 1.4.1  dated 2005-06-29
  DDL2 dictionary                      version 2.1.3  dated 2000-10-16
  DDL2 dictionary                      version 2.1.6  dated 2004-04-15

(Note that DDL2 dictionary version 2.1.3 has had some typos
corrected, and is released in this form, but with an unaltered
release date, because it is discussed in detail in International
Tables G. The current version of DDL2 is 2.1.6.)

All these dictionaries may be accessed from the IUCr CIF home page
http://www.iucr.org/iucr-top/cif/index.html. The IUCr web site now
contains HTML versions of all these dictionaries, and the utility
to search for a CIF data name
has been extended to include all the dictionaries.

These are all minor version upgrades (although one new data name has
been added to the core dictionary) and reflect editorial changes and
minor corrections arising from the work on Volume G. Complete details
of changes may be found in the revision history section of each

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Research and Development Officer                    fax: +44 1244 314888
International Union of Crystallography            e-mail:  bm@iucr.org
5 Abbey Square, Chester CH1 2HU, England                   bm@iucr.ac.uk

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