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Re: Agenda for closed COMCIFS meeting

Dear Herbert,

I agree that the agenda is full, but all the items are important.  I am 
hoping that items 1 and 3 can be dealt with expeditiously and will not 
delay our other discussions.  I don't know how long Westbrook and Berman 
intend to take with their presentation and what sort of discussion the 
expect it to stimulate but I would encourage them to keep it as short as 
possible.  This should leave plenty of time for item 4.  I think Hall 
will need to take a little time to walk us through starDDL but it will 
provide a good introduction to the important discussion of the future 
direction of CIF.  This meeting will be the only opportunity we have for 
an open discussion on this important topic (most of the other items 
could, if necessary, be handled by email).  I intend to keep the 
discussion focussed with one eye on the clock so that we can cover the 
whole agenda and end the meeting with a clear idea of the direction in 
which we are headed.

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