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Re: COMCIFS adoption of DDL1

Dear Herbert,

Thanks for your suggestions.  It is a good idea to have a central 
directory but I am not sure that we are ready for that yet.  We do, of 
course, have working DMGs for the current dictionaries, but you seem to 
be looking a little further ahead.  Since we don't know how the DDL3 
dictionaries will be split up (and likely will not for some time) it is 
premature to be naming members of the new DMGs.  I am working on a 
timeline for starDDL, and this has names associated with some of the 
items, but we will need to add further names before the project is fully 
under way.  I am working on it, but it takes time.

I will be away for most of next week, so I will not be able to do much 
until I get back.

Best wishes to you and Frances.

fn:I.David Brown
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