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Re: Problems with CIF BNF

Brian McMahon wrote:
> Much of what is projected in DDLm goes beyond any existing
> XML schema-based validation, and it's important for
> software developers to concentrate on the potential
> of methods-based validation, rather than getting hung up on
> the detail of the CIF format.

I agree that my recent posts about CIF BNF are a bit verbose. It's not
that I think a prefect BNF is needed, but that the basic syntax is
really important to get right because so much is built on it. None of
the discrepancies are major problems, but I have noticed messages on the
the CIF related lists that actual compatibility problems have resulted.
With plans to incorporate even more features, like bracketed data items,
 which are going to require parser updates, it seems that now is a good
time to get some of these issues resolved.


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