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Re: New accent modifier types?

My suggestion was not how to replace TeX, but how best to convert TeX
information into some sort of text-stream. My understanding is that
Brian is trying to figure out how a CIF-object can have a rendering
handler that outputs the content in another form. Instead of HTML, I
proposed some form of vector graphics because it is similar to
postscript output, but still organized and editable to some degree.

So, I don't mean that SVG is better than TeX, but that SVG is a good
"printout format" to deal with a variety of renderable entities.


Herbert J. Bernstein wrote:
> Dear Joe,
>    As the AMS discovered many years ago, TeX is the best, and possibly
> the only way to get reliable control over displays of equations with
> subscripts and superscripts, and to manage such subtle issues as
> kerning.  I would recommend a careful reading of Knuth's books
> on TeX and Metafont.
>    Regards,
>      Herbert

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