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Re: Procedure for approving small dictionary updates

Dear COMCIFS members,

The following proposal for fast-track approval of minor dictionary
updates has now been approved, as a six-week discussion period has
expired with no unresolved comments.  Note the following changes to
the original proposal arising from the discussion:

(i) the time-limit for making comments will be six weeks, rather than
one month as was originally suggested.
(ii) following the conclusion of the 6-week comment period, the Chair,
or designee, will explicitly state to the COMCIFS list that a proposal
has been approved.

I will coordinate with Brian to update the website with information
about this new procedure.

Best wishes,

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 5:48 PM, James Hester <jamesrhester@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear COMCIFS members,
> Currently the procedure for making any changes to the dictionaries
> requires putting those changes to a formal vote on the COMCIFS list.
> This may be seen as heavy-handed for small updates and additions.
> Following discussions with David B I would like to propose the
> following fast-track procedure for dealing with minor updates to the
> dictionaries:
> 1. Anybody can propose a change to the core dictionary either through
> the IUCr web site or by contacting the chair of the appropriate DMG.
> 2. In conjunction with the DMG chair, they can work out a proposal for
> new dictionary code.
> 3. This code is then submitted to the DMG for comment and eventual approval.
> 4. The change is then posted to the COMCIFS discussion list for
> comment within a given time limit.
> 5. If no comment is received, or if all the comments are resolved, the
> change is accepted, otherwise it is refered back to the DMG.
> I suggest that a 'small change' is one that creates no new categories
> and affects no more than two definitions.
> A one month time limit for initiating comments seems about right to
> me, as it should allow those that happen to be on holiday to make it
> back in time.

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