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Re: Draft COMCIFS report 2009

This seems like a reasonable report.  It seems that things have been quiet lately.  Am I supposed to be doing something more?

Jim Kaduk

On April 12, 2010 at 10:53 PM James Hester <jamesrhester@gmail.com> wrote:

> I would welcome comments on the following draft report.  The deadline for
> submission is the 24th of April, so I would appreciate any comments by the
> end of this week if possible.
> James.
> =================
> COMCIFS report 2009
> In the second half of 2009, COMCIFS formed a DDLm working group to
> thrash out remaining issues with the new dictionary (“DDLm”)
> framework.  As the year was drawing to a close, the final touches were
> being put on to one component of this framework, an updated CIF syntax
> specification, dubbed 'CIF2'. This has been distributed to the
> community for comment prior to final adoption by COMCIFS.  The working
> group's attention has now moved on to discussion of DDLm itself.
> New dictionaries continue to be developed. A draft small angle
> scattering dictionary (sasCIF) is at an advanced stage, and an updated
> symmetry dictionary is also nearing completion. A proposed dictionary for
> expressing restraints and constraints in single-crystal refinements is
> currently under review by the core dictionary maintenance group.
> Recognising that the procedure for adding definitions to CIF
> dictionaries can be impenetrable and discouraging for non-CIF experts,
> COMCIFS has developed and tested a streamlined fast-track procedure
> for adding single definitions to a dictionary.  Under this procedure,
> the relevant dictionary working group has 6 weeks to comment and
> develop the definition, following which COMCIFS has a further 6 weeks
> to discuss and accept the proposal.  An announcement of a web portal
> for submission of such fast-track proposals should be expected in the
> near future.
> James Hester.
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