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Re: Confirmation of meeting rooms for two COMCIFS closed meetings

Dear James,
I would like to participate in the COMCIFS meetings. I guess I may visitboth meetings as an observer. Could you please remind me the link of thelast CIF 2.0 proposal draft?
Sincerely yours,Saulius
James Hester wrote:
> Please be advised that the first closed COMCIFS meeting will be held in> room ROMA at 1pm on Sunday 28th, as advised previously.  The second> closed meeting (directly after the microsymposium) will be held in room> AMSTERDAM (note the change of venue) at 1pm on Monday the 29th.  Those> who wish to contact me prior to the meeting can try my email address> (jamesrhester@gmail.com <mailto:jamesrhester@gmail.com>) or text or ring> my Spanish mobile number (+34) 672898882

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