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Re: Rough agenda for COMCIFS open meeting August 8th 16:45 in room516e

  • To: "Discussion list of the IUCr Committee for the Maintenance of the CIF Standard (COMCIFS)" <comcifs@iucr.org>
  • Subject: Re: Rough agenda for COMCIFS open meeting August 8th 16:45 in room516e
  • From: James Hester <jamesrhester@gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 17:46:14 +1000
  • Cc: Daniel Chateigner <daniel.chateigner@ensicaen.fr>
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Dear COMCIFS members,

Further to yesterday's agenda, please find one further item of discussion for item (3):

(3) Dictionaries under construction: magCIF (J Hester), *materials properties CIF dictionary* (J Hester/D Chateigner).

Background: A materials properties CIF has been developed in order to describe items submitted to the materials properties open database.  The dictionary can be read at http://www.materialproperties.org/dictionary/get
The developers have requested that COMCIFS 'adopts' this dictionary into its domain, which in accordance with policy that we discussed last year, would imply that COMCIFS takes ongoing responsibility for the maintenance of the dictionary and integrates it into our ontology (item (5) in http://forums.iucr.org/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=315#p502).  The dictionary authors have clearly written the dictionary with the IUCr ontology in mind. In practical terms, adopting this dictionary would mean creating a dictionary management group whose first task would be going over the dictionary and checking for conflicts and duplications with other definitions as well as checking technical aspects of the definitions.  I am hopeful that Daniel Chateigner will be able to attend the meeting and answer any questions that arise. 

Note that unfortunately Branton Campbell will not be able to talk on magCIF due to his keynote conflicting with our meeting time.

best wishes,
James Hester.

On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 12:08 PM, James Hester <jamesrhester@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear COMCIFS members,

Please find below an agenda and some background information for the meeting in Montreal.  Let me know if there are any other items that need discussion.

0. Introductory comments (J Hester)
1. Report on CIF-NeXuS interaction (H Bernstein)
2. Discussion and possible approval of new data citation data items (B McMahon)
3. Dictionaries under construction: magCIF (J Hester or B Campbell if available)
4. Plan for next triennium (J Hester)
 - managing CIF2/DDLm introduction
 - funding request to IUCr executive
 - interactions with DDDWG
5. Report on meeting with IUCr executive (if anything to report) (J Hester)
6. Any other project updates (CIFAPI? wwPDB?)
7. Discussion, hopefully leading to decision: "that all new dictionaries accepted by COMCIFS use DDLm, and that COMCIFS updates existing dictionaries to DDLm as soon as possible."
8. Any other business

Supplementary information

(1) Herbert may wish to supply links to background material
(2) See my previous email today
(7) The Perth group has been busy producing draft DDLm versions of the DDL1/2 dictionaries for your ontological pleasure.  All current COMCIFS-administered dictionaries have been completed and may be perused at https://github.com/COMCIFS/cif_core. The ddl.dic file found in that directory contains the definitions of the DDLm attributes themselves.  As a rough plan, DDLm dictionaries for which DMGs are functioning will be passed through those DMGs for approval before becoming official.

Feel free to discuss (7) on this mailing list ahead of time.

T +61 (02) 9717 9907
F +61 (02) 9717 3145
M +61 (04) 0249 4148
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