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Re: Suggestions for microsymposium topics for IUCr 2023

Dear James

I think the MS topic is a good one, and might merit a co-sponsorship 
from CommDat. A talk that should be included in this or another topic
is "How to find CIF information", to include both general documentation
and retrieval of dictionaries, schemas, templates etc. At the least it
would be a review of what's available on the IUCr and GitHub sites,
but I hope it would contain information on a newly published second
edition of Volume G and possibly new dissemination and distribution
mechanisms (e.g. for XML or JSON resources).


On 31/01/2022 05:55, James H via comcifs wrote:
> Dear COMCIFS and core DMG
> There seem to have been no responses to my previous email, which I
> will take as agreement that the proposed MS topic is worth putting up
> at the program committee.
> Our next task is to nominate a delegate to attend the IPC. The IPC are
> concerned about regional and gender diversity, so please bear this in
> mind when thinking of delegates, as well as the fact that the nominee
> should not have attended the IPC for the Prague IUCr meeting.
> Please send me (privately) any nominations for virtual (or in person)
> attendance at the IPC as soon as possible. Obviously the nominee
> should have agreed to take the role, and be prepared to advocate for
> the above topic, or whichever others this committee belatedly comes up
> with.
> I look forward to seeing the nominations roll in.
> James.
> On Fri, 21 Jan 2022 at 12:05, James H <jamesrhester@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear COMCIFS and core DMG,
>> (Apologies for the cross-posting, I wanted to get as wide a coverage
>> as possible)
>> COMCIFS has been invited to submit ideas for microsymposium topics and
>> keynote speakers at the IUCr 2023 meeting in Melbourne. This time
>> around we have also been granted a representative on the program
>> committee, who would participate either remotely or in person in
>> Melbourne, or maybe Prague, in April this year. I suggest turning our
>> minds to whom to nominate (doesn't have to be a member of the
>> committee) after we've discussed our favoured topics and potentially
>> coordinated with CommDat. The timeframe for this discussion is
>> unfortunately rather short given the IPC schedule, so I suggest we
>> allocate a week to discussion of potential topics and then see about
>> nominations. Note that I will not be nominating to be the IPC
>> delegate.
>> Let's start the ball rolling by discussing possible MS topics. We did
>> not put forward anything of our own for the most recent congress in
>> Prague, so the time is ripe for some quality CIF discussion. As in
>> previous years, topics which overlap with other commissions and
>> committees have a better chance of proceeding, with CommDat being the
>> obvious potential co-proposer, but CIF being CIF our work is relevant
>> to most commissions.
>> A topic I'd like to propose as a conversation starter is:
>> =========
>> Integrating CIF into the new world of data standards
>> Blurb: In recent years many scientific disciplines and organisations
>> have started putting serious resources into data standardisation.
>> These efforts increasingly overlap with areas for which CIF
>> dictionaries already exist, challenging us to find a way for
>> information contained in CIF archives and dictionaries to be
>> integrated into other standards efforts.
>> Examples of talks that might appear in this symposium would include:
>> 1. Interoperating NeXus and CIF
>> 2. Managing CIF IP issues for CIF reuse
>> 3. How standards effort <insert name here> uses CIF
>> 4. Integrating CIF into the semantic web
>> =========
>> Looking forward to hearing your ideas and feedback!
>> all the best,
>> James.
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