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SAXS advice for Malaysian National U.

  • Subject: SAXS advice for Malaysian National U.
  • From: "John D. Barnes" <john.barnes@nist.gov>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 05:23:31 -0400

One of the listserver subscribers sent the folling message directly to 
me. I am forwarding it to the listserver in the hope of provoking some 
discussion on this matter. It would be very desirable to have some sort 
of a consensus on what can be done to get optimal SAXS from a lab-based 
instrument. After all, most workers in this field need to carry out some 
experiments on a lab-based machine before they move their measurements to 
a synchrotron beam line.

I therefore ask that you reply to the listserver. I will edit the replies 
into one or more digests and post them.

Thank You
John D. Barnes
Manager of the sa_scat Listserver.

---------------- Message from Malaysian National University -----------


We are in preparation to apply for a grant to purchase a SAXS machine and
would like to work out the budget and design of the instrument. 

Our work are mainly deal with complex fluids but also would like to extend
our studies on other systems using SAXS. Recently we have access to a
Bruker GADD multipurpose system, but unfortunately found that the
resolution and intensity has been too low for us to work with. Therefore 
prompt us looking into building one ourselves. Has anyone got an idea how
much would it cost and time to get the instrument built if we would like 
build one ourselves? Where could we find literature on building such 

Thank you.

Kan Chee Siong
National University of Malaysia

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