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HMI Workshop on Time-resolved Investigations by Neutron and X-rays

Title: HMI Workshop on Time-resolved Investigations by Neutron and X-rays
Sender: "Thomas Gutberlet"
Subject: Workshop on Time-resolved Investigations by Neutron and X-rays

Dear colleagues,

please find enclosed information about the upcoming ESF  Exploratory workshop. Please distribute this note to colleagues  interested in the topic.

Kind regards
Thomas Gutberlet

ESF Exploratory Workshop on  Time-resolved Investigations by  Neutron and X-rays  of Structural Changes in Soft and Solid Matter  

Sommerfeld, 5.-7. September 2001


Time-resolved techniques and their application to topical questions  in the area of structure and dynamics have opened up a research  field which is highly interdisciplinary. Real-time investigations
of diffusion, solid state reactions and phase transitions, time- resolved crystal growth, in-situ studies in catalysis research, or  structural studies of enzymatic reactions in protein crystals highlight  current time-dependent studies by synchrotron radiation. Phase  transitions under conditions as found in industrial processes or  under extreme geological conditions, namely at very high  temperatures and high pressure are broadly investigated by neutron scattering. With the existing new synchrotron sources (e.g.  ESRF, ELETTRA, BESSY II) and the advent of more intense  neutron sources (see e.g. the ESS project) new opportunities will be  available to perform time-dependent investigations in many areas of  condensed matter research.
The workshop organized at HMI and BESSY and supported by the  ESF is to present a forum at which a broad range of techniques  developed at large scale facilities - synchrotron and neutron sources  - and their application to the various fields can be discussed.  Examples will include diffraction, small angle scattering, x-ray  absorption spectroscopy and CD spectroscopy. The workshop is  generously supported by the European Science Foundation  (ESF/PESC).

Dr. Thomas Gutberlet
Project Assistant ESS Instrumentation
Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin GmbH
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14109 Berlin, Germany

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