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Reminder: ACS Scattering from Polymers Symposium

Title: Reminder: ACS Scattering from Polymers Symposium
Sender: bhsiao@notes.cc.sunysb.edu
Subject: Reminder: ACS Scattering from Polymers Symposium

   In August 26-30, 2001, the American Chemical Society division of
Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) will sponsor a
symposium on the "Scattering from Polymers" at the 222nd ACS National
meeting in Chicago.

   This symposium thus will cover a broad spectrum of advanced scattering
work from polymers, with emphases on biomacromolecules, nanocomposites,
dynamics, block copolymers, crystalline polymers, multicomponent systems,
surfaces, and applications of scattering to processing.  We expect that
there will be a good mix of contributions from people using the various
types of scattering techniques (neutron, x-ray and synchrotron x-ray).  The
invited speakers include: Drs. Christian Burger (Stony Brook), Wes
Burghardt (Northwestern), Benjamin Chu (Stony Brook), Charles Han (NIST),
Miki Takenaka (Kyoto U.), Michel Koch (EMBL), David Londono (DuPont), Kell
Mortensen (RISOE), Dieter Richter (Julich), Christian Riekel (ESRF),
Richard Vaia (AFRL) and Wenli Wu (NIST).

   We anticipate that the symposium will run for three days at the
meeting.  The oral sessions will consist of invited talks and contributed
papers.  In addition, there will be the joint poster session by both PMSE
and POLY divisions for this symposium.  There will also be several facility
posters (synchrotron and neutron in the US and abroad) in the poster

   The deadline for submitting abstracts and preprints for this symposium
is APRIL 18, 2001. Author instructions and templates for submission through
the ACS OASYS system are available at the following web sites:
http://membership.acs.org/P/PMSE/meetings/authinst.html and

   We encourage you to participate in the symposium.

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