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canSAS III 17-19 May 2001 - Provisional Program

Title: canSAS III  17-19 May 2001 - Provisional Program
        canSAS-3   Grenoble   17th - 19th May 2001
   Collective Action for Nomadic Small-Angle Scatterers

               replies to sas@ill.fr


The meeting is intended to converge on issuing recommendations to help
share and extend data analysis tools for SAS. We therefore propose some
sessions in open debate, and others with smaller groups of activists;
these will be punctuated by presentations.

To stimulate discussion and to advertise recently developed techniques
we have made up a provisional program suggesting short talks by known
experts.  These have been divided into the following sections:

Science        let's have some recent and interesting results, with
              comments on whether they can be helped through use of
              common data formats

Packages    primarily short demonstrations on what can be done
              with commercial or Open source packages and toolkits
              is this a way forward to avoid system dependencies?

Review/Results  summaries of aims and achievements before and during

Demonstrations  what are the advantages and costs of technical choices?

Formats         matching structured dictionaries of data and simple
              minimalistic transportable data - is it possible to
              answer to both demands together?

A number of topics for presentation have been proposed.  We have taken
many liberties in the following programme by assigning short talks to
other participants, who were more reluctant to commit themselves to
display their expertise.  This is only a provisional list, and we hope
that participants will accept our proposals; if not please let us know!

Thursday 17th May

1200    Registration, buffet lunch

1400    Welcome - W. Bras (DUBBLE)
      Review of past canSAS meetings and advances in self-describing data
      J. Barnes (IUCr SAS Commission; JDB Science, LLC; ex NIST)
      Review of preparatory comments on aims of canSAS-3 - R. Ghosh (ILL)
      HDF and HDF5, an introduction and comparison - E. Pourmal (NCSA)


      Requirements for treating fibre diffraction experiments - T. Forsyth (ILL & Keele Univ.)

      Solution scattering from biological macro-molecules - D. Svergun (EMBL) (provisional)

1730    Tours of ESRF/ILL

1900    buffet dinner

Friday 18th May

0900    sasCIF structured storage for 1D SAS data - M. Malfois (EMBL & ESRF)
      Requirements for processing synchrotron SAS experiments - P. Boesecke (ESRF)
      SANS analysis using the PV-WAVE package - E. Litvinenko (JINR, Dubna)
      GRASP, SANS data analysis using MATLAB - C. Dewhurst (ILL)


      Working Groups I
      Open source GUIs for Unix and Windows; CCP13 support - M. Rodman (SRS, Daresbury)
      IGOR for analysis - A. Munter (NIST)

1245    Lunch

1400    Problems resolved in TOF-SANS experiments - R. Hjelm (LANSCE)
      FIT2D analysis of 2D data patterns - A. Hammersley (ESRF)
      Recent SANS results from ISIS - S. King (ISIS)

      Demonstrations and posters...
       IDL       E. Homan (EMBL)
       MATLAB    C. Dewhurst (ILL)
       NOESYS    J. Barnes (JDB Science, LLC)
       Browsers  E. Boucher (APS), A. Munter (NIST)

1730    Review of Ist working group session.  
1930    Workshop dinner

Saturday 19th May

0930    Challenges in the analysis of soft matter SAS
      A. Rennie (King's College, London)

      Panel-lead discussion on sasCIF, HDF, NeXus and XML

      Working Groups II

      Review of results of working groups
        Format definitions
        Recommended guidelines for SAS users systems/software/languages/packages
        Responsibilities for documenting meeting results
        Preparations for SAS2002 - Venice

1245    summary & close
1300    Lunch

Resources available in lecture theatre and seminar room:

PC+BARCO projector, projector for laptops, overhead projector
Fixed IP address network, DHCP network, (note firewall stops all
X-window  to outside internet), RJ45 connectors, mains 220vac 50Hz
If you bring a laptop please bring a copy of your work separately on
CDrom or ZIP in case of theft or breakages!
Systems available: HP, SGI, Sun, Compaq, Linux, PC, Macs etc.

Let us know of any specific requirements.

Getting to ILL
The new ILL website is not perfect.
The old website may be easier to use:


and for general travel information


The participants list includes (with some reservations)

Ballauff M.             matthias.ballauff@chemie.uni-karlsruhe.de
Barnes J.               john.barnes@nist.gov
Bernstorff S.           bernstorff@elettra.trieste.it
Boesecke P.             boesecke@esrf.fr
Boucher E.              boucher@aps.anl.gov
Bras W.                 bras@esrf.fr
Dewhurst C.             dewhurst@ill.fr
Ferragut R.             rferrag@komodo.ing.unico.it
Finet S.                finet@esrf.fr
Forsyth T.              tforsyth@ill.fr
Ferrero C.              ferrero@esrf.fr
Ghosh R.                ron@ill.fr
Hammersley A.           hammersley@esrf.fr
Hjelm R.                hjelm@lanl.gov
Homan E.                homan@embl-grenoble.fr
King S.                 s.m.king@rl.ac.uk
Litvinenko E.           litvin@nf.jinr.ru
Malfois M.              malfois@embl-hamburg.de
Mant G.                 g.r.mant@dl.ac.uk
Munter A.               alan.munter@nist.gov
Panine P.               panine@esrf.fr
Pontoni D.              pontoni@esrf.fr
Pourmal E.              epourmal@ncsa.uiuc.edu
Pradipp K.              pradippknanda@rediffmail.com
Rennie A.               rennie@colloids.ch.kcl.ac.uk
Rodman M.               m.rodman@dl.ac.uk
Svensson O.             svensson@esrf.fr
Svergun D.              svergun@embl-hamburg.de
Urban V.                urban@esrf.fr
Wilcke R.               wilcke@esrf.fr
Yagi N.                 yagi@sp8sun.spring8.or.jp

USEFUL BACKGROUND READING before the meeting  CIF, NeXus, HDF, XML....
also Steve King has prepared an initial side-by-side comparison of
NeXus and sasCIF....
Please see the canSAS web site.

Please let us know of any special requirements or comments.

For canSAS - W. Bras, C. Ferrero, E. Homan, C. Dewhurst, P. Timmins R.
Institut Laue Langevin, B.P. 156  cedex 9, Grenoble, 38042 FRANCE
Karine Sultan, Workshop secretary: +33-476207356    fax: +33-476483906