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Endorsement, etc....

Several people have recently attributed messages that they have received
from the sa_scat listserver to me personally ("I saw your message"). I want
to make it clear that my role as moderator of the listserver is merely to
forward messages that I receive from other people. Such forwarding does not
imply any recommendation or endorsement on my part or that of NIST, whose
equipment hosts the listserver.

I will generally make it very clear when a message represents some activity
that I am organizing or playing a role in, just as I would expect anyone
else who posts to the listserver to do.

A while back I asked the system operators on the host system to change to a
moderated mode of operation so that our subscribers could be spared messages
that were not proper. Things like auto-replies from other servers or
misaddressed subscribe/unsubscribe messages form the bulk of such traffic. I
find such traffic annoying, so I try to spare other people that same

In rare instances I will edit a message to improve its grammar or clarity,
but I do not edit the intent of the sender as long as I determine that the
message is appropriate to the purposes of the listserver.

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