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Fwd: ANSTO SANS Workshop Preliminary Program

  • Subject: Fwd: ANSTO SANS Workshop Preliminary Program
  • From: John Barnes <johnbarn@nist.gov>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 09:38:11 -0500 (EST)

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Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 17:31:21 +1100
From: "GILBERT, Elliot Paul" <epg@ansto.gov.au>
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Subject: ANSTO SANS Workshop Preliminary Program
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Preliminary Program for Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Workshop at 
Replacement Research

On the 13th and 14th of December 2001, the seventh of eight workshops 
to discuss
the neutron-beam
instrumentation for Australia's Replacement Research Reactor will take 
place at
Lucas Heights, just
outside Sydney, Australia. The subject will be scientific applications and
technology of small-angle
neutron scattering.

The purpose of the workshop is to
i) demonstrate the applications of this technique to Australian industry,
government and
universities, and
ii) make a start on defining specifications for a small-angle scattering
instrument at the
Replacement Research Reactor

The workshop is open to all participants, and there are funds to support 
for staff and
students from Australian and New Zealand Universities.

For more information, see http://www.ansto.gov.au/ansto/neut/
To register online, see http://www.ansto.gov.au/ansto/neut/

Please bring the workshop to the attention of any colleagues who may 
find it of

Preliminary Program for Workshop on Small-Angle Neutron Scattering 13-
December 2001

Location: Conference Room, Building 55, ANSTO, New Illawarra Road, 
Menai, NSW

Thursday, 13th December 2001

i) to outline scientific opportunities, techniques and state-of-the-art
instrumentation at overseas
facilities and
ii) to discuss scientific issues associated with instrument design

	Time	Presentation - Presenter		

	8:30	Arrival at ANSTO
		Chair: Professor John White, ANU
	9:00	Opening and Welcome - Professor Helen Garnett, ANSTO
	9:05	Instrument Opportunities at the Australian Replacement Research 
Reactor -
Dr. Robert
Robinson, ANSTO
	9:30	Charge to the Workshop - Dr. Robert Robinson, ANSTO	
	9:35	Introduction to SANS - Dr. Elliot Gilbert, ANSTO		
	10:15	Coffee
	10:30	Scientific Opportunities & Technical Challenges for SANS 1 - Dr. 
May, ILL
		Chair: Dr. Robert Robinson, ANSTO	
	11:30	Scientific and Technical Visions - 5 minutes for each interested
	12:45	Lunch
		Chair: Dr. Ian Dagley, CRC for Polymers
	13:45	Scientific Opportunities & Technical Challenges for SANS 2 - Dr. 
	14:45	Summary of "Neutrons in Biology Workshop" Implications for SANS 
at the
RRR - Dr.
Robert Knott, ANSTO
	15:00	Industrial Opportunities for R & D using SANS - Prof. Howard 
be confirmed)
	15:15	Workshop Photo
	15:30	Afternoon Tea
	15:45	Case for USANS at the Australian RRR - Dr. Terence Sabine, UTS
	16:00	Interesting Emulsions Studied by SANS - Professor John White, 
		Chair: Dr. Ian Gentle, U. Queensland
	16:15	Discussion of Scientific Opportunities - Forum for discussion
	18:00	Move to Dinner
	18:30	Workshop Dinner - Dijon's Restaurant at Woronora

Friday, 14th December 2001

i) to discuss technical issues associated with instrument design
ii) to draft Report on the Scientific and Technical Requirements for Small-
Neutron Scattering
at Australia's Replacement Research Reactor.

	Time	Presentation - Presenter		

		Chair: Dr. Craig Buckley, Curtin U.
	9:00	Welcome Back - Dr. Elliot Gilbert, ANSTO
	9:05	Design Considerations for Reactor SANS - Dr. Paul Butler, ORNL (to 

	10:05	Characterisation of SANS Optics - Professor Keith Nugent, U. 
	10:20	Characteristics of the Cold Source & Neutron Guides at the 
Australian RRR
- Dr.
Shane Kennedy, ANSTO
	10:40	Coffee
		Co-chairs: Dr. Shane Kennedy & Dr. Elliot Gilbert
	10:55	Discussion of SANS Instrument Design - Forum for discussion
	12:00	Charge for writing Workshop Report - Dr. Robert Robinson, ANSTO	
	13:00	Lunch
	13:30	Report writing		
	16:30	Workshop Summary and Close - Dr. Elliot Gilbert, ANSTO

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