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1996 APS March meeting

Dear Friends;

In searching for a way to suitably commemorate the life of our friend and
colleague Hans Gerhard Zachmann the undersigned individuals have determined
that a series of three sessions at the 1997 American Physical Society March
Meeting (17-21 March in Kansas City, MO) would be appropriate.

The sessions will be labeled "crystallinity", "structure (scattering and
reflectivity)", and "morphology." While official APS guidelines do not
permit us to label these explicitly as memorials to Dr. Zachmann, we believe
that the topics will be of great interest to his friends and colleagues.

The deadline for the abstract submission is December 6, 1997.  Electronic
submission is preferred.  The procedure for electronic submission is now
available at the APS meeting web site:


Please note that the sorting category of these sessions is 23(b) -
crystallinity, structure and morphology, you need to specify it in your
We hope that you can participate in these sessions.  If you have any
questions, please contact one of us.

Ben Hsiao
DuPont CR&D
Tel: 302-695-4668
Fax: 302-695-4668
E-mail: hsiaobs@esvax.dnet.dupont.com

Wenli Wu
B320/bldg 224
Tel: 301-975-6839
Fax: 301-869-3239
E-mail: wenli@nist.gov