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ACA Award Nominations

Dear Colleagues;
       I am forwarding the attached message from the president of the ACA in the
hope that some of you might have constructive suggestions for nominees for the
awards that she mentions. I will endeavor to get some more information on these
in case any of you are interested. Meanwhile, if you know of soemone who has
contributed to the cause of crystallographic science in a way that you believe
to be worthy of recognition, please send me a note.

----- Forwarded message follows -----

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 17:02:39 -0500
From: "Dr. Carol P. Huber" <cph@flint.biochm.uottawa.ca>
Subject: ACA
To: caffrey@osu.edu
Cc: john.barnes@NIST.GOV

Dear Dr. Caffrey:

     I am requesting your help as Chair of the Small Angle
Scattering SIG in ensuring that the ACA has a reasonable
number of strong nominations for the three Awards to be
presented at the 1997 St. Louis meeting.

     The Warren and Buerger Awards were last presented
in 1994, and so the normal three-year timing puts them
on the calendar for next summer. The Patterson Award was
last presented in 1993, and because of the Congress this
year was postponed until next summer. Some of the Award
Committees apparently have had very little input to date,
and are beginning to be concerned. The three Chairs are:
Warren Award  - Michael Hart        MHart@bnl.gov
Buerger Award - Philip Coppens      che9990@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
Patterson Award - Jenny Glusker     JP_Glusker@fccc.edu

     Calls for nominations appeared in the Summer 1996 
issue (number 2) of the ACA Newsletter, pages 6 and 7.

     Waiting until shortly before the deadlines does not
allow time for effective action, so I am asking now for
your help. If you and/or your SIG colleagues have any
suggestions of good candidates, it would be very much
appreciated if you could let the appropriate Award Chair
know by E-mail that something will be coming. Thank you
in advance very sincerely for your efforts on behalf of
the ACA.

     With best wishes,
       Carol Huber

John D. Barnes                   john.barnes@nist.gov
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