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SAS in the Industrial Plastics Laboratory

Small Angle Scattering Charactaerization of Polymers in the Industrial

Dear Members of the Worldwide Small Angle Scattering List;

The Technical Program Chair for the Society of Plastics Engineers has asked
me to organize one or two sessions that explore the topic named above for
the 1998 Annual Technical meeting of the SPE. I need a co-chair for these
sessions, preferrably a person from industry who is familiar with the SPE's
way of doing things. I also would like to hear suggestions (including
possible speakers and topics) for invited presentations on this subject. I
am keen on this project because I feel that SAS has a lot to offer in the
product development and quality control arenas. SAS has proven to be a very
effective tool for exploring structure-property relationships in polymeric
materials and it should be more widely used in industry.

The Call for Papers for this meeting will be going out soon. It is highly
desirable to have some invited presenters in hand to include in the Call for

The meeting will take place from the 26th to the 30th of April 1998 in Atlanta.

Thank you for your attention

John D. Barnes                   john.barnes@nist.gov
Bldg 224 Rm A209                 voice: 301-975-6786
N.I.S.T                          fax: 301-977-2018
Gaithersburg, MD 20899