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Just a short Newsletter

Dear Colleagues;
         This is just a short newsletter to let you know about a few
important dates that are looming ahead. I am using a different e-mail address
than I usually useto test out some of the new features of our listserver.

I. ACA 1997 abstract deadline - March 7th. Please check out the Call for
Papers at http://www.hwi.buffalo.edu/aca. The ACA Small_angle SIG and the
IUCr Small-Angle Scattering Commissointly sponoring a 3-session minisymposium
at this meeting. There will be SAS contributions in other sessions as well.

II. APS March Meeting - The complete program should be up in a few days.
There are several sessions that wil be of special interest to SAS mavens.
Look for it at http://www.aps.org under the meetings heading.

III. The SAS Worldwide listserver is undergoing revisions to make it easier
to use and therefore a more effective tool for community building. Revised
instructions will be posted before tomorrow morning. Look for this at
http://www.nist.gov/sas.  I have been gratified to see a number of new
subscribers in recent days. In the new format the listserver allows
downloading of the list of current subscribers. I opened the thing up in this
way so that you could see which of your friends are there and which are not.
Please encourage everyone who is not currently registered to sign up so that
they too can receive all of the vital news and conversation that comes down
the pipe. :).

IV. Your contributions - This is the time of year that people styart making
their travel plans. I would like to see more postings about meetings, short
courses, summer schools, lecture tours, etc.  While this electronic forum is
one nice way to hear about things, face to face contact and more intimate
correspondence are important to our efforts to develop a feeling of community
spirit around the world of SAS.

V. I would also like to extend belated congratulations to Jill Trewhellha and
Sol Gruner. Jill is the new chair-electof the ACA Small-Angle SIG and Sol is
the new member-at-large. The SIG's principal task at this time is organizing
sessions at ACA annual meetings. Jill and Sol will both have major
responsibilites for this at the 1998 ACA meeting. I mention this in the hope
that many of you will consider this meeting as venue for presentations. Mark
your calendars for Washington DC in July of 1998.

Thank You
John D. Barnes
Chair, ACA Small-Angle Scattering SIG
Chair, IUCr Commission on Small-Angle Scattering