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Re: Publishing on the net

Gary; this is a very complex subject. I recall discussions of it in places
like Physics Today and Computers in Physics, although I have not seen much
recently. In recent years it seems to me that Internet publishing has taken
off at such a rate that we have basically lost any hope of controlling its
quality. Electronic  publishing methods have also evolved so rapidly that
trying to set standards for formatting seems pointless. Caveat Emptor is the
rule that applies in any use of published knowledge, whether it be in a
refereed journal or on the Net.

One entry point into this subject might be the American Physical Society
(http://www.aps.org). You will find a pointer to the LANL physics eprint
service there. I did not find anything about this at the American
Association for the Advancement of Science, although they now offer the
complete contents of Science magazine online.

There are also people within the American Crystallographic Association and
the IUCr who are concerned with online databases.

>This is not strictly neutron scattering but more of a general science 
>query, so apologies to anyone that I offend.
>Does anyone know of any discussions/debates/web pages/newsgroups etc. 
>about the future of publishing scientific papers. I seem to recall the 
>odd mention of the potential problems of publishing results/data on the 
>Internet before they had been properly refereed.
>Thanks for any help
>Gary Doherty
>Saacke Combustion Systems Ltd.
>Marshlands Spur
>PO6 1RX

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