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SAS contributions for Am. Cryst. Assn Meeting

ACA 1997 Annual Meeting 19-26 July 1997


The deadline date for submission of abstracts for the a997 ACA meetingin St.
Louis is drawing near. Many of you have recievd the hardcopy Call for
Papers. Others will be aeting for the first time. Information about the
small-angle sessions is posted with the SAS World Wide Web site at URL:
http://www.nist.gov/sas. Look under the Meetings page for the ACA Small
Angle SIG. 

In organizing the sessions for this meeting I have tried to provide lots of
opportunity for contributed papers. There will be poster sessions
paralelling the orla presentation sessions, so there is ample room for everyone.

The SA session pages point to the online version of the ACA Call for Papers
document. Those who are interested in participating should print this
document out, as it is a little hard to find things in it.

I would also appreciate it if those of you who do PLAN TO SUBMIT papers for
the meeting would send me a brief e-mail note indicating your intent. This
will help me keep things from falling into various cracks.

This note also serves to remind invited speakers that they are required to
submit abstracts and to register for the meeting. The invited speaker lineup
is in the SAS session outline that I posted on our USA meetings page.

The small stash of support money that is available to the session organizers
will be used exclusively to help student presenters with their registration
fees. This is standard practice with the ACA.

John D. Barnes                   john.barnes@nist.gov
Bldg 224 Rm A209                 voice: 301-975-6786
N.I.S.T                          fax: 301-977-2018
Gaithersburg, MD 20899