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ACA 97 "Gotchas"

Dear Colleagues;
      A careful reading of the Call for Papers for the 1997 Annual Meeting
in St. Louis reveals a number of new features to the abstract submission
process for this meeting.

      EVERYONE who intends to submit an abstract for this meeting should
read the "Call for Papers" booklet very carefully. Those who may not have
gotten this booklet can find the material at

Noteworthy features:

1. Special fees for hardcopy submission of abstracts.

2. Abstract submission fees for people who are not members of the ACA
(including invited speakers). This is actually a deposit that is credited
toward the meeting registration fee.

3. Late fees for abstracts submitted past the March 7th deadline.

There is a certain vagueness about the matter of acceptable formats. Since
the peoiple who made the rules did not give us TeX as an option, my advice
to anyone who wants to include special characters in their abstract is to
prepare the abstract as HTML and paste it into an e-mail message. Since HTML
does not handle greek characters, I would simply spell them out. HTML does
handle the angrstom symbol as well as superscripts and subscripts.
Unfortunately the specifications do not tell us how to format the various
parts of the document using HTML.

The instructions also do not provide a model e-mail message to use in
formatting your submission, so that you may have to guess at the format for
the various items they ask you to supply in the message. I am testing my
submission to see if they they take it. You may wish to check with me before
sending yours in.

For these reasons I strongly suggest that you send a carbon copy of any
message submitting an abstract or making an inquiry to me at
john.barnes@nist.gov. This way there will be two of us to follow up on the
possibility that something has fallen into a crack.

Meanwhile, remember that March 7th is the deadline to get your abstracts in
and avoid the $100 late fee.

Thank You.

John D. Barnes                            Phone: 301-975-6786
Polymer Mechanics and Structure Group     FAX: 301-977-2018
Bldg 224, Rm A209                         email: john.barnes@nist.gov
Natl Inst Stds and Tech  
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
URL: http://www.ctcms.nist.gov/~jdbarnes/staff.jdb.html