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ACA Registration reminder

Dear Friends;

     This is just a reminder that early registation for the ACA Annual 
Meeting closes 1 June.
You can save a fair amount of money by registering promptly. Information 
on fees is available at http://www.hwi.buffalo.edu/ACA/ACA97/Call97.html. 
Non-members who have paid the abstract feee are reminded that this should 
be credited toward your meeting registration fee.

     The list of sessions is available at 
http://www.hwi.buffalo.edu/ACA/ACA97/abstracts/index.html. Those of you 
who have submitted papers should check this list for the dates and times 
of your presentations. There are four entries for SAS sessions:

"Frontiers in Small-Angle Scattering"
"Recent Applications of Small-Angle Scattering"
"Tools and Techniques in Small-Angle Scattering" and
"Small-Angle Scattering posters"

      You are also well advised to book your hotel reservations as soon 
as possible. This is a failry large meeting and I have found that the 
main meeting hotel fills up quickly. You may find it easiest to extract 
hotel and registrtaion information from the Washington U version of the 
meeting pages at http://www.biochem.wustl.edu/aca97/Call97.html. It looks 
like e-mail is not an option for registration or accomodations, so be 
prepared to FAX copies of the appropriate forms to ACA HQ or the hotel.

Thank You

Dr. John D. Barnes                       email: john.barnes@nist.gov
NIST Polymer Structure and Mechanics Grp Voice: 301-975-6786
Bldg 224, Rm A209                        FAX: 301-977-2018
NIST, Gaithersburg, MD 20899             URL: http://www.nist.gov/sas
                               or http://www.ctcms.nist.gov/~jdbarnes