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Ethanolamine Ammonia-Lyase


I am undertaking some low resolution molecular modelling using small 
angle neutron scattering data from the ethanolamine ammonia lyase enzyme.

>From the data I have available at the moment, the enzyme has a molecular 
weight of approximately 523000 and is made up of two sets of 6 sub-units. 
The larger sub-units each have a molecular weight of 51000, the smaller 
sub-units 36000. I have calculated the maximum chord length,  radius of 
gyration etc. for the macro-molecule as a whole but in order to be able 
to create a 3 dimensional model I need to known the densities of the 
sub-units (or at least be able to place some limits on their densities).

I have searched through BIDS, etc.,  and found nothing particularly 
relevant to the determination of the structure, although with my 
background (signal processing, NOT molecular biology) I may have missed 
something. If anyone knows the sub-unit densities or of any recent work 
on the enzyme could you please let me know.

I would be grateful for any help or suggestions

Gary Doherty
01705-383111 ext. 319
Saacke Ltd.
Marshlands Spur