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Q: Literature on Instrumentation

What recent literature (review articles prefered) on constructing the
optics for a small angle scattering station at a bending magnet beam line
can you recommend?
The issue is to design the optics of a SAXS beam line at a 2.5 GeV storage
ring that should allow to do Anomalous SAXS (e.g. on metal alloys), and as
usual without squandering too many photons. I am thinking about an optics
with a DCM utilizing a saggitally focusing crystal, and with a meridionally
focusing mirror (no ellipsoid or toroid, due to very limited budget), but
there are problems:
1) poor Q-space resolution, esp. in the horizontal, when I  gather too much
flux in the horizontal (-> find a compomise)
2) radius of curvature of the crystal has to change with the energy.
Hints on proven solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Gernot Buth (buth@anka.fzk.de)