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High-Pressure SAXS

Dear Dr. Ceolin,

in response to your e-mail enquiry on hydrostatic pressure SAXS cells, I can inform you that we have built a prototype which is suitable both for static experiments on a laboratory pinhole camera and on our synchrotron SWAX line at ELETTRA, Trieste. It has been tested under pressures up to 3000 bar at temperatures between -20 and +80 °C. The design of the cell for static experiments is described in the article: "High Pressure Cell for Small- and Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering" by K. Pressl, M.Kriechbaum, M.Steinhart and P.Laggner, in Rev. Sci. Instruments (Nov. or Dec. Issue of 1997) .

The design and performance of the version for p-jump studies is described in an article by M. Steinhard, M. Kriechbaum, K. Pressl, H. Amenitsch, P.Laggner, and S.Bernstorff to be submitted to the same journal.

We will be pleased to help you with any specific questions you might have in that context.
Peter Laggner