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Furnace for in situ SAXS measurements

  • Subject: Furnace for in situ SAXS measurements
  • From: Marcela Fernandez van Raap <raap@venus.fisica.unlp.edu.ar>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Nov 97 13:16:54 EDT
      I will appreciate any information on any furnace for perfoming in situ
SAXS experiments on a temperature range from RT to 800 C. We are planning to
buy the oven, but any other information on non commercially device or other
suggestions are welcome.
      Your sincerely,

      Marcela Fernandez van Raap     
Marcela Fernandez van Raap
LENIH, Dto. de Fisica, Fac. Cs. Exactas.
Uiversidad Nacional de La Plata
Address: c.c. 67 (1900) La Plata, Argentina
Fax:54-21-25 2006
Phone: 54-21-83 9061
e-mail: raap@venus.fisica.unlp.edu.ar