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Siemens Area Detector Users Group

  • Subject: Siemens Area Detector Users Group
  • From: "John D. Barnes" <john.barnes@nist.gov>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Dec 97 20:48:17 -0500
While this is not strictly for small-angle scatterers, it may be of 
interest to some of you.

---------------- Begin Forwarded Message ----------------
Date:        12/05  18:19
Received:    12/06  1:22
From:        Duncan McRee, dem@scripps.edu
To:          johnbarnes@enh.nist.gov

	First Announcement and Call for Papers

	"The growing convergence of small and macromolecular crystallography"
	8th Annual Siemens Area Detector Users Group Meeting
	Keynote Speaker: George Sheldrick

	Webpage: http://www.scripps.edu/info/sadug98

Where:	The Scripps Research Institute
	La Jolla, California
	Airport: San Diego, California (Note- Los Angeles LAX is 
		*not* convenient to La Jolla. LAX is 3 hours
		away through heavy traffic and there are no
		useful trains as in civilized countries.)
	Please be aware of the larger distances between cities
	on the west cost of the USA if you are planning to
	visit other places while in California. For example,
	La Jolla to San Francisco is ten hours by car.

When:	Feb. 21-23, 1998
	Out of towners should plan to arrive Friday Feb. 20.
	We will have a mixer and registration at Scripps Friday night.
	The 23rd will be an optional half-day for hands on demos
	and mini-workshops.

Hosts:	Dr. Duncan McRee and Dr. Dave Stout
	Molecular Biology Department

Subjects:  CCD's, Ultra-high resolution refinements, SHELXL,
	Cryo-techniques, Area detector methods, Neat structures,
	Accurate estimation of errors in model and data,
	Tips and techniques for better data collection, X-ray mirrors,
	Tricky structures

Cost:	Registration Free! (includes lunch and coffee breaks)
		Locals - you must still register so we know how many to expect!
		We don't want to run out of coffee!

	Lodging: We have reserved a block of rooms at the Torrey Pines Lodge
		within walking distance of TSRI.  We will be happy to 
		handle room reservations and payment.  
			~$180 shared 3 nights
			~$300 single 3 nights

		If you like to live a little better you can stay 
		at the Sheraton Grand one block closer to TSRI.
			~$420 Sheraton Grand single, 3 nights

	Banquet: ~$35/ticket (Vegetarian or Meat)

Sponsors: Bruker AXF (formerly Siemens Analytical Xray)
          Scripps XtalView

Weather:  The long range forecast says we will get 1.4 inches of rain in
	all of February. We can guarantee no snow.  El Nino, El Smino.  
	Bring a light sweater as it will be 67F in the day and 50F at night.

---------------- Pre-registration Form SADUG 98 -----------------------

__ I wish to be considered for a talk on:

I understand I am not guaranteed an oral presentation and am prepared 
to give a poster instead.

__ I will present a poster.  Title to be announced.

__ I will just come and enjoy! 

Rooming (for planning purposes - we will contact you later)
__ 1 night
__ 2 nights
__ 3 nights
__ shared room @ ~$60/night
__ single room @ ~$100/night
__ single upscale room @ ~$140/night
__ I will make my own rooming arrangements

__ I plan to attend the banquet

__ I'm not certain if I'll come - it depends on the how many
	talks on the final schedule meet my standards.  Please
	send me more announcements.

**Please send no money at this time.**
A final announcement with final pricing for lodging will
be e-mailed to you along with the schedule in late January.

email form to fiona@scripps.edu

or mail to:
Fiona Larmour
The Scripps Research Institute, MB8
10550 N. Torrey Pines Rd
La Jolla, CA 92037

----------------- End Forwarded Message -----------------