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Riso-meeting on Soft Materials

Conference at Riso National Laboratory, Denmark
June 22-25, 1998

in celebration of the 40th anniversary
of the founding of Riso National Laboratory

The meeting aims at presenting a broad cut across the field of soft 
materials, with an emphasis on similarities and analogies between 
different areas within soft materials (organic crystals, templated 
nanostructures, biological soft matter, surfactants, block 
copolymers, liquid crystals).

Organising committee:
Kristoffer Almdal, Chairman, Kell Mortensen, Ib Johannsen
(Riso National Laboratory),
Frank S. Bates (University of Minnesota)

The list of speekers includes:
Chris Ober, Reinhard Strey, Joe A. Zasadzinski,
Raimund Stadler, Markus Antonietti, Marc Hillmyer,
Mike Ward, Zeng-Gang Wang, Brad Chmelka,
George Fytas, Ulrich Wiesner, Tony Ryan,
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Wim deJeu, Gregoire Porte,
Ulf Olsson, Soren Hvilsted, Geoffrey Mitchell.

The list of  discussion leaders includes:
K. Bechgaard, Jens Als-Nielsen, Tim Lodge,
Matthew Tirrell, Per Anker Lindgaard.

For further information, contact
Unifying Principles for Engineering Soft Materials
c/o Ms. Lene Hubert
Riso National Laboratory
Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry Department
P.O. Box 49, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark
e-mail: lene.hubert@risoe.dk
Fax: + 45 46 77 47 91

Home-page: http://www.risoe.dk/SUMMER98/MEETING.htm

Important dates:
 Febr. 15, 1998   Return of reply form
 April 1,   1998   Deadline for advance registration
 April 1,   1998   Deadline for reversion of hotel rooms 
 May 1,    1998   Deadline for submission of poster contributions
 May 15,  1998   Submission of camera ready abstract


Prof. Kell Mortensen
Department of Solid State Physics
Riso National Laboratory
DK-4000 Roskilde,  Denmark

e-mail kell.mortensen@risoe.dk

Phone(direct)   +45 4677 4710
Phone(Riso)     +45 4677 4677
Fax:            +45 4677 4790