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Semicrystalline Polymer symposium

  • Subject: Semicrystalline Polymer symposium
  • From: "John D. Barnes" <john.barnes@nist.gov>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 10:32:40 -0500

at the ACS National Meeting
August 22-26 1999
New Orleans, Louisiana

Sponsored by the ACS Division of
Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering

	This symposium will cover various aspects of semicrystalline
polymers, including crystallization theory and simulations, 
kinetics, morphology, crystallization under flow, crystallization in
copolymers and blends, and industrial/engineering aspects of
semicrystalline polymers.  The list of invited speakers from academia
includes P.J. Barham (U.K.), D.C. Bassett (U.K.), S.Z.D. Cheng (U.S.A.), 
Doye (Netherlands, U.K.), J.D. Hoffman (U.S.A.), A. Keller (U.K.), J.
Kornfield (U.S.A.), B. Lotz (France), L. Mandelkern (U.S.A.), M. 
(U.S.A.), A. Ryan (U.K.), G. Strobl (Germany), A. Toda (Japan), G. Ungar
(U.K.), B. Wunderlich (U.S.A.).  The symposium will take place over a
period of three full days of oral presentations  and will also include an
extensive poster session. To participate in this symposium, send abstracts
and preprints to Prof. H. Marand at the latest by March 15, 1999. For
details on abstract / preprint preparation and any other general
information, please, contact either of the organizers listed below or 
the PMSE home page on the web at:


Note that the abstract must be prepared using the standard ACS Abstract
form, while the preprint must be printed on or attached to the special
preprint paper. The special abstract forms and preprint papers can be
dowloaded from the PMSE web page (see above) or obtained from the 

If you are interested in participating, contact H. Marand at your earliest
convenience to indicate your interest and to provide your electronic
address for further contact.

Prof. Hervé Marand				Dr. Srivatsan Srinivas
Dept. of Chemistry					Exxon Chemical Company
Virginia Tech					5200 Bayway Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0212				Baytown, TX 77522
(540) 231-8227 (Phone)				(281) 834-2932 (Phone)
(540) 231- 8517 (FAX)				(281) 834-2480 (FAX)

Dr. John D. Barnes               email: john.barnes@nist.gov
Natl Inst of Stds and Tech       Voice: 301-975-6786
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8544        FAX: 301-975-4977
Gaithersburg, MD 20899             URL: http://www.nist.gov/sas
                               or http://www.ctcms.nist.gov/~jdbarnes