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for position

Hello Everyone!

I'm currently looking for a post doctoral position in the SAS world
(starting at any time).  I would be most grateful if you could help me.
I am interested in pursuing SAS research in any area.

My current scientific work is connected with structural investigation of 
macromolecular complexes using small-angle neutron and x-ray scattering,
development of the SANS instruments for TOF and steady state techniques,
date analysis and experimental software.

I have had  six years' experience in the field of  small-angle
scattering.  I do have  experience of working on different spectrometers
such as spectrometer "YuMo" at pulsed neutron reactor IBR-2 (JINR,
Dubna, Russia) , SANS spectrometer "V4" at BER II steady state reactor
(HMI,Berlin, Germany) and D11 spectrometer at the steady state HFR
reactor(ILL, Grenoble, France). I have been taking several intensive
training courses in neutron and x-ray scattering and its applications. 

You can find my CV on the web: http://nfdfn.jinr.ru/~flx/html/cv.html

Many thanks for your time and help.

Lixin Fan
|Lixin Fan                              |
|Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics    |
|Joint Institute for Nuclear Research   |
|141980 Dubna,Moscow region,Russia      |
|Tel: 7-09621-63099   Fax:7-09621-65882 |
|E-mail: flx@nf.jinr.ru                 |
|WWW-URL:http://nfdfn.jinr.ru/~flx      |