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Fwd: sas_cif dictionary

  • Subject: Fwd: sas_cif dictionary
  • From: "John D. Barnes" <john.barnes@nist.gov>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 10:14:03 -0400
Dear Colleagues;

     Marc Malfois is the point man for the sas CIF dictionary. He wrote 
to me asking about descriptive measures and units for recording the state 
of strain of a specimen. In my own experience I have seen strain appear 
in a variety of ways:

1. Uniaxial stretch of sheets, films, or fibers
2. Biaxial stretch
3. Plane strain compression
4. Steady shear parallel plate, cone and plate, or Couette geometries 
5. Extrusion of sheets or fibers

The common ground is the strain tensor. The elements of this take various 
forms depending on the nature of the deformation. My rheologist 
acquaintances tell me that SAS practitioners tend to be somewhat careless 
about describing this, so Marc's question is a really good one.

I decided to pass this along to the  rest of the sa-scat list in the hope 
that some other people would be able to add their views and experience.

Please reply to Malfois@embl-hamburg.de.

The idea that a description of the state of the specimen should be 
embedded in the output data file is fundamenmtal to our ability to 
exchange data between laboratories in a manner that allows us to analyze 
and understand it (this is a sales pitch for CIF and the canSAS II 

Thank You

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