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SAXS Workshop with NanoSTAR, June 2000

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear member of the SAS community,

attached find the 1st Circular on a SAXS-workshop that will be held from
15 to 17 June at Leoben, Austria.
The aim of this workshop is (besides from some lectures given by
experts) to give practical training on SAXS techniques in general and
the pinhole system "NanoSTAR" in particular.

Since we are restricted to a limited number of participants, we kindly
ask you to pre-register as early as possible in order to ensure your
For up-to-date information please visit also our homepage at

kind regards,

merry Christmas and a happy new year,

Richard Goergl

Dr. Richard G÷rgl
X-ray Physicist
Anton Paar GmbH

currently at:

Jahnstra▀e 12
A-8700 Leoben/Austria
Tel.: (+43)3842-45511-52
Fax: (+43)3842-45512-6
E-Mail: richard.goergl@unileoben.ac.at

Kirchbichl 38
A-8795 Radmer/Austria
Tel.: (+43)3635-2250

1st circular.doc