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EMBL NSC Web page

  • Subject: EMBL NSC Web page
  • From: Dmitri Svergun <Dmitri@embl-hamburg.de>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 18:23:54 +0100

                                        17 December 1999

Dear Small-Angle Scatterers,

this is to announce an update of the Web site of the non-crystalline
systems group of the EMBL, Hamburg Outstation, URL


containing information about the EMBL solution scattering
beamline X33 at HASYLAB (DESY) and about the following programs:

SAPOKO : time-resolved data reduction and processing

GNOM   : indirect Fourier transformation

CRYSOL : computation of X-ray and neutron solution scattering
CRYSON   curves from atomic models

DAMMIN : ab initio shape determination using simulated annealing
SASHA  : ab initio determination of molecular envelopes

ASSA   : three-dimensional graphics and rigid body modelling

It also contains a sasCIF dictionary extension with
a comprehensive description and conversion tools.

The Web site includes a direct link to the EMBL-Hamburg FTP
server (ftp.embl-hamburg.de/sax) and those who are
interested may download the following program packages:

assa20sun.tar.Z         ASSA 2.0 release for SUN (Solaris 2.5)
assa20sgi.tar.Z         ASSA 2.0 release for SGI (IRIX 6.4)

crysol10pc.exe          Crysol PC version 1.0
crysol10sgi.tar.Z       Crysol SGI version 1.0
crysol10sol.tar.Z       Crysol for Solaris 2.5, v.1.0

dam31nt.exe             DAMMIN release 3.1 for IBM-PC
dam31sgi.tar.Z          DAMMIN release 3.1 for SGI (IRIX 6.4)

gnom43nt.exe            GNOM 4.3 for PC, Win95/98/NT
gnom43sgi.tar.Z         GNOM 4.3 for SGI (IRIX 6.4)
goko42.exe              Gnomoko 4.2 (GNOM with OTOKO I/O) for PC

sascif10nt.exe          sasCIF 1.00 for PC, Win95/98/NT
sascif10sgi.tar.Z       sasCIF 1.00 for SGI (IRIX 6.4)

sasha20nt.exe           SASHA 2.04 for PC, Win95/98/NT
sasha20sgi.tar.Z        SASHA 2.04 for SGI (IRIX 6.4)

The /sax directory also contains the following obsolete
and beta-releases:

assasha.tar.Z           ASSA and SASHA beta versions for SGI

crysol11.exe            Crysol 1.1 + beta-Cryson for PC
crysolnt.exe            CRYSOL 1.03 for PC, Win95/98/NT, beta release
crysonsgi.tar.Z         beta-Cryson for SGI

dam27bpc.exe            DAMMIN beta release 2.7 for IBM-PC
dam27bsgi.tar.Z         DAMMIN beta release 2.7 for SGI

gnom42pc.exe            GNOM 4.2 for PC
gnom42sgi.tar.Z         GNOM 4.2 for SGI IRIX 5.x
gnom42sgi63.tar.Z       GNOM 4.2 for SGI IRIX 6.3
gnom42sol25.tar.Z       GNOM 4.2 for Sun Solaris 2.5
gnom42sun.tar.Z         GNOM 4.2 for Sun OS 4.1
gnom42vax               GNOM 4.2 for VAX VMS 5.x (directory)

Information and     :   M.Koch, D.Svergun, M.Malfios,
program development     M.Kozin, V.Volkov, M.Petoukhov

Web site design     :   M.Malfois

If you download a program, please fill in the

                      User registration card

       Name                       _______________________________
       Address                    _______________________________
       Affiliation                _______________________________
       Program downloaded         _______________________________
       Machine type               _______________________________
       Operating system           _______________________________
       Type of objects studied    _______________________________

and send it by E-mail to Svergun@EMBL-Hamburg.DE. You will 
be informed about updates/further releases. Filling in the 
registration card will soon be also possible directly from the Web.

Dr. Dmitri Svergun
European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg Outstation, 
EMBL c/o DESY, Notkestrasse 85, D-22603 Hamburg, Germany 
E-mail: Svergun@EMBL-Hamburg.DE
Tel. +49 40 89902 125        Fax. +49 40 89902 149
Date: 12/17/99                 Time: 18:32:56