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Symposium on Accuracy in Structure Factor Measurement 1987

Group photo

[1987: Australian Conference on Microscopy and Microanalysis: Group photo]

Participants at the 1987 International Symposium on Accuracy in Structure Factor Measurement at the Green Gables Chalet in Warburton, Victoria. A separate identification key is available. Individuals named in the key are I. Robinson, D. Schwarzenbach, P. Suortti, L. Templeton, D. Templeton, M. Spackman, R. Destro, R. Hoier, A. Stevenson, A. Mathieson, J. Schneider, W. Weyrich, S. Larsen, F. Mo, S. Wilkins, J. Gjønnes, C. Howard, D. Creagh, T. Sabine, W. Hendrickson, A. Fox, M. O'Keeffe, W. Kuhs, R. Cheary, H. Juretschke, G. Moss, T. Willis, W. Parrish, J. Howard, D. Feil, R. Garrett, G. Chapuis, H. Hope, J. Harada, Y. Wang, B. Moss.

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