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International Tables Volume G available soon

[Volume G cover]Volume G, Definition and exchange of crystallographic data, is the latest addition to the International Tables for Crystallography series from the IUCr. It will be available in spring 2005 from Springer (hardback, ~550 pp., ISBN 1-4020-3138-6, see Edited by S.R. Hall and B. McMahon, this volume describes the standard data exchange and archival file format (the Crystallographic Information File, or CIF) used throughout crystallography. It will be an essential guide and reference for programmers writing crystallographic software and for data managers handling crystal-structure information. It will provide in-depth information vital for small-molecule, inorganic and macromolecular crystallographers, mineralogists, chemists, materials scientists, solid-state physicists and others who wish to record or use the results of a single-crystal or powder diffraction experiment. The volume will provide the detailed data ontology necessary for data managers in other fields to design interoperable computer applications and databases. An accompanying CD-ROM will contain the dictionaries in machine-readable form and a collection of libraries and utility programs.