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Serbian crystallographers

A space group of participants at the 7th Conference of SCS in September, 1998. Photocourtesy of D. Poleti)

After the disordering of the previous Yugoslavia, crystallographers in Serbia recrystallized as the Serbian Crystallographic Society (SCS) in the spring of 1992. The cell of the SCS contains 80 members from Serbia and Montenegro working in crystallography and related fields through different symmetry operations. The asymmetric unit contains a 25 scientists hard-core acting as seeds for all investigations. The SCS belongs to the IUCr through the European Crystallographic Association subgroup. Since 1992 the September Conference of SCS has grown to three days and includes formal sessions (opening ceremony and plenary lecture), three working sessions, a half-day excursion and, the conference dinner. A book of one-page abstracts (CIF format not accepted!) has been printed every year. Plenary lecturers from abroad, A. Kalman, G. Argay (Budapest, Hungary), A. Spasoevic-de Bire (Paris, France), N. Furmanova (Moscow, Russia) and R. Tellgren (Uppsala, Sweden) presented well-ordered lectures. We hope that they enjoyed our lattice. The seventh-fold conference was held in Vrnjacka Banja a well-known spa in Sept. 1998. A limited number of conference reports are available free of charge (in English and Serbian), contact L. Karanovic ( The Eighth-fold conference will be held in the first half of Sept. 1999 in Kragujevac.

D. Poleti