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Dear Bill

It was a pleasure to receive the current issue (Vol. 7, No. 1) of the IUCr Newsletter. I was particularly pleased to see the item on Crystallographic Nomenclature.

The coverage of last year's meetings of IUCr affiliates was surely a worthy and interesting use of your limited space. Future meeting reports such as these would be more useful to many readers if each were accompanied by access to a website with detailed information. Although several URL's are indeed printed in this issue's reports, the information could be enhanced. A first step would be to provide all available abstracts of papers presented on the website, with the appropriate URL given in the meeting report; as meeting organizers increasingly require abstracts to be submitted electronically, this will become easy to do. A second step would be for the organizers to post an expanded version of the report submitted to the Newsletter, since the limitations of printed space will not apply. No doubt there are many further steps that should be considered!

Sidney C. Abrahams
Southern Oregon U.

Dear Sidney

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. When websites containing meeting abstracts are available, we will cite them in future reports. Less than half the session chairs at the AsCA, ACA, or ECM meetings provide reports. Some of the reports were abbreviated in the newsletter and in the future we will try to post the originals on the Newsletter web site and note that.