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Energy-dispersive Laue diffraction by means of a frame-store pnCCD

J. Appl. Cryst. (2009). 42, 1139-1146 (

[Laue pattern] Laue pattern of γ-LiAlO2 recorded by means of the frame-store pnCCD after conversion into reciprocal space coordinates. The measured Laue spots (red dots) occupy the reciprocal lattice of γ-LiAlO2.
Up to now the Laue diffraction method has been used to determine the symmetry of crystals based on the knowledge of Laue spot positions on a screen. However, crystal  structure analyses are not possible due to the unknown energies of the Bragg reflections. The frame-store pnCCD as the first energy-dispersive CCD detector allows a simultaneous spatially and energy-resolved detection of Laue spots. As a demonstration the unit-cell parameters of a γ-LiAlO2 crystal are determined using a single Laue pattern.
S. Send, M. von Kozierowski, T. Panzner, S. Gorfman, K. Nurdan, A.H. Walenta, U. Pietsch, W. Leitenberger, R. Hartmann and L. Strüder