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Individual GaAs nanorods imaged by coherent X-ray diffraction

J. Synchrotron Rad.  (2009). 16, 796-802 (

[GaAs nanorod] Three-dimensional coherent diffraction pattern of a single GaAs nanorod. Size, shape and strain of the individual object (inset) can be derived from the intensity distribution.
Coherent diffraction imaging in combination with a nano-focused X-ray beam was used to identify both shape and strain state of individual hexagonally shaped GaAs nanorods within a periodic nanorod array. From the three-dimensional intensity distribution around a Bragg peak in reciprocal space, differences in shape and strain of different nanorods could be resolved using phase-retrieval algorithms. The method is promising for the destruction-free analysis of nanoobjects.
A. Biermanns, A. Davydok, H. Paetzelt, A. Diaz, V. Gottschalch, T. H. Metzger and U. Pietsch