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American Crystallographic Association awards

The following awards will be presented at the ACA Annual Meeting in Knoxville, TN, USA, May 31-June 5, 2008.

[Bi Cheng Wang] Bi Cheng Wang
Bi Cheng Wang has been selected as the 2008 recipient of the A.L. Patterson Award for “significant contribution to the methodology of structure determination from single isomorphous replacement or single-wavelength anomalous scattering data and for its impact on structural biology.” This award is given to recognize and encourage outstanding research in the structure of matter by diffraction methods, including significant contributions to the methodology of structure determination and/or innovative application of diffraction methods and/or elucidation of biological, chemical, geological or physical phenomena using new structural information.

[Radu Custelcean] Radu Custelcean
Radu Custelcean (Oak Ridge National Lab, USA) has been selected to receive the 2008 Etter Early Career Award for “his creative research in crystal engineering of novel and functional metal organic framework structures for selective ion binding.”The award recognizes the outstanding achievement and exceptional potential in crystallographic research demonstrated by a scientist at an early stage of their independent career.

Call for nominations

2009 Bertram E. Warren Diffraction Physics Award
The American Crystallographic Assn (ACA) gives this award to recognize an important recent contribution to the physics of solids or liquids using X-ray, neutron, or electron diffraction techniques. Works published within a six-year period ending June 30 of the year preceding the award may be nominated. A monetary award of $1,500, and up to $1,500 travel expenses to accept the award at an annual meeting, and a certificate are awarded every third year. Established in 1970 by students and friends of Professor Warren on the occasion of his retirement from the Massachusetts Inst. of Technology.

2009 Martin J. Buerger Award
This award is given to recognize mature scientists who have made contributions of exceptional distinction in areas of interest to the ACA. There are no restrictions as to nationality, race, sex, religion, or membership in the ACA. Awarded triennially in memory of Martin J. Buerger, Institute Professor Emeritus of M.I.T. and University Professor Emeritus of the U. of Connecticut, a mineralogist who made major contributions to many areas of crystallography. Established in 1983. The first award was made in 1985. Nominations for these awards are not limited to the USA and ACA membership is not a requirement.

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