Volume 10, Number 4 (2002)

On the cover

The cover images were provided by keynote speakers at the XIX Congress. Keiichi Namba provided the center image modelling the self-assembly process of bacterial flagellum. The images in the upper right corner were provided by Zbigniew Daughter. The left image is the experimental map of phospholipase at 1 Å resolution obtained by /ACORN/ from the position of a Ca atom found from its anomalous signal by /SHELXD/ in the data collected with 1.54 Å radiation. The right image is a superposition with the correct model showing that all peaks in the electron density map are accounted for.

Editorial and production

William L. Duax Editor
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Jane Griffin, Andrea Sharpe Assistant Editors
Tammy Colley Copy Production


P. D. Adams, E. Antipov, R. Bakker, S.V. Borisov, C. Branden, I.D. Brown, I. Bytheway, G. S. Chandler, C. Chidester, B. Craven, J.-C. Daran, G. Dodson, K. El-Sayed, B.N. Figgis, E. Garman, I. Goncharenko, C. H. Görbitz, R. W. Grosse-Kunstleve, J. M. Guss, A. J. Howard, L.-W. Hung, T. R. Ioerger, B. R. Kaafarani, S. Kegley, J. A. Krause, C. H. Lake, M. Lutz, A. J. McCoy, N. W. Moriarty, D. C. Neckers, R. Nelmes, A. G. Oliver, E. F. Pai, P. Paufler, R. Read, J. C. Sacchettini, N. K. Sauter, N. L. Speziali, P. Suortti, T. C. Terwilliger, M. Vijayan, B. Wex.

IUCr Executive Secretary

Michael Dacombe (execsec@iucr.org)

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