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First Jeffrey awards presented

Four Jeffrey Awards were presented at the Geneva IUCr Congress. These awards were made to outstanding graduate students in order to assist them in presenting their work at the Congress. The first Awards were each for $520, sufficient to cover registration and student housing costs. The Award Committee (H. Berman, M. Caffrey and B. Craven) was unanimous in choosing the Awardees from a total of fifteen applicants. The Awardees in 2002 were:

Daniel Riley (U. of Newcastle, New South Wales) for rapid (0.9s) neutron diffraction data collection and differential thermal analysis which he used to follow a phase transition in titanium silicon carbide; Mr. Rudresh (Indian Inst. of Science, Bangalore) for his de novo design and subsequent structure determination of a hairpin eicosapeptide containing 310 helices with opposite handedness; Liliana Sampaleanu (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto) for her structure determination of duck delta1 and delta2 crystallin leading to a better understanding of the enzymatic mechanism of argininosuccinate lyase; and Martin de Yonge, (U. of Melbourne, Victoria) for his precision measurements of the X-ray mass attenuation coefficient for molybdenum using synchrotron radiation.

These awards were made from a fund established in memory of George A. Jeffrey. Contributions came from many of his colleagues and former students and from his family. The Jeffrey Fund is administered by the Pittsburgh Diffraction Society. The next Jeffrey Awards will be in time for the Florence IUCr Congress.

Bryan Craven