The picture on the cover reflects the many facets of crystallography that will be explored at the XVII Congress including studies of macromolecular interactions (a human transcription factor bound to DNA, Müller et al., Nature, 373, 311, 1995, photo courtesy of Steven Harrison), surfaces structure (STM image of the sulfur induced Reconstruction on the Ni (111) Surface courtesy of Robert Feidenhans'l), diffraction phenomena (hexagonal pattern from a lauryl peroxide/urea inclusion complex, courtesy of K. D. M. Harris), and methods of crystallization (natural salt on the shore of the Dead Sea, courtesy of Menachem Shoham).
Old series (1993-2017)
Editors: William L. Duax, Judith Flippen-Anderson

Contents of issue

Letter from the President

The State of the Union
Philip Coppens

Letter to the Editor

Sam and me
Reuben RudmanS. Schlachtman

Letter to the Editor

Remembering Röntgen
Robert Bryan

Letter to the Editor

Setting the record straight
Pam Thomas

Letter to the Editor

Crystallography in Colombia
Jaime Valerrama-NRodolfo Moreno-Fuquen


Holography with X-rays
William L. Duax

IUCr Congress

Satellite Computing School
D. WildG. Gilliland

Meeting report

European Crystallography Meeting
J. AlbertssonAndrew G. W. Leslie, Simon Phillips, Phil Evans, Zbyszek Dauter, Maria Armenia Carrondo, Bror Strandberg, Gervais Chapuis, Per-Erik Werner, Elke Koch, Jon Gjonnes, L. Reine Wallenberg, U. Bismayer, M. M. Harding, F. H. Allen, Peter Paufler, H. B. BürgiG. Sheldrake

Awards and prizes

Awards to crystallographers
Ivar OlovssonM. A. Van Hove


Thadeush J. Malinowski (1921-1996)
Yurii A. Simonov


Peder Kierkegaard (1928-1996)
Arne MagnéliRalf Norrestam

Book review

Structure of crystals, 2nd enlarged edition
Douglas L. Dorset

Book review

Books in brief