SAS at the IUCr Congress

Small-Angle Scattering is represented at the triennial IUCr Congress by keynote speakers and selected Microsymposia. Some recent examples are listed below.

2017: Hyderabad, India


Dmitri Svergun : Small-angle x-ray scattering for biological macromolecules


MS037 Macromolecular Structure and Hybrid Methods (Jill Trewhella, Amit Sharma, Chairs)

"Frank Gabel’s gave a highlight talk for combined SAXS-SANS" 

MS-050: Small-Angle Scattering studies of biomacromolecular kinetics (Pau Bernado, Clement Blanchet, Chairs)  

MS-125: Small-Angle Scattering data formats, standards and repositories (Cy Jeffries, Manfred Roessle, Chairs)

MS-091: Expression of macromolecular complexes (Areej Abuhammad, Chair)

MS-055: New challenges in interpretation of structural data (Kurt Krause, George Phillips, Chairs)

MS-106: Functional materials on the nanoscale (Greg Warr, U-Ser Jeng, Chairs)

MS-099: Crystallographic data and structure validation from data collection to publication - IUCr setting standards 

MS-125: Small-Angle Scattering data formats, standards and repositories (Cy Jeffries, Manfred Roessle, Chairs)

" Mitchell Guss gave a very important talk that did attract a lot of good discussion."   

For the 24th IUCr Congress, Hyderabadthe SAS Commission nominated for the IPC Kristina Djinovic Carugo who worked collaboratively to recommend a Keynote speaker (Dmitri Svergun), two CSAS sponsored microsymposia (SAS data formats, standards and repositories, SAS studies of biomacromolecular kinetics), four shared microsymposia with other commissions (Macromolecular structures by hybrid methods (CSAS, CBM, CEM); New challenges in interpretation of structural data (CSAS, CBM, CEM); Expression of macromolecular complexes (CBM, CSAS, CEC); Functional Materials on the Nanoscale (CCM, CAC, CSAS)) and a Joint Workshop (Validation including data from MX, SAS, XAFS, EM (CM, CSAS, CAC)). 

Recent Congresses 

2014: Montreal, CanadaMontreal Congress Logo 

The 23rd IUCr Congress was held in Montreal, Canada, 5-12 August 2014


CSAS Chair: Andrew Allen

ICP : Elliot Gilbert


Takeji Hashimoto : Applications of Small-Angle Scattering to Macromolecules and Polymer Physics  


ü  SAS of biological macromolecules (Bente Vestegaard)

ü  SAS for magnetism and magnetic structures (Joachim Kohlbrecher)

ü  grazing incidence surface techniques; (Peter Mueller- Buschbaum)

ü  simultaneous methods with SAS (Satoshi Koizumi)

ü  in operando and structure evolution – from atomic to micrometre scale (Vanessa Peterson)

ü  industrial and technological applications of SAS (U-Ser Jeng and R. Serimaa)

ü  Applications of anomalous SAXS (Lee Makowski)



 2011: Madrid, Spain Madrid Congress logo


Iris Torriani: Structural characterization of applied organic materials and soft matter 


 2008: Osaka, Japan Osaka Congress Logo


Simon Billinge: Nanostructure refinement and solution

Jill Trewhella: Combined methods: Small-angle scattering with NMR and crystallography 

Peter Fratzl: Materials research with scanning microfocus small-angle X-ray scattering 

  • Advances in grazing incidence, reflectivity and diffuse scattering (ChairsAndrew Allen, Monhoor Ree)
  • Time resolved and coherent X-ray scattering (Chairs: P. Thiyagarajan, S. Akiyama)
  • Complementarity of SAXS and SANS with other structural methods in molecular biology (ChairsJill Trewhella, T. Fujisawa)
  • Micro-SAXS for nanoscience and medicine (Chairs: Peter Fratzl, J. Doucet)