Canadian Light Source (CLS)

The protein crystallography beamline developer Pawel Grochulski is now resident at the CLS and will continue with the design and construction of the PX beamline for the CLS. A Letter-of-Intent has been submitted for a second PX beamline. Jim Britten from McMaster U. has been organizing a small molecule beamline team, whose task it is to define the scientific goals and operational parameters of the proposed Small Molecule Single Crystal Beamline. The proposal for this beamline is to be reviewed in February 2002. The Danfysik people will start assembling the booster components on October 26 and the commissioning of the booster ring will start at the end of this year. All magnets of the main storage ring have been ordered and will start arriving at the CLS soon. Currently the staff of the CLS consists of 61 people.

Louis Delbaere