Volume 14, Number 4 (2006)

On the cover

The center image (M.S. Yousef, S.A. Clark, P.K. Pruett, T. Somasundaram, W.R. Ellington, M.S. Chapman, Induced fit in guanidino kinases-comparison of substratefree and transition state analog structures of arginine kinase Protein Science, v12 pp.103-111, 2003 (PDBID 1M80) surrounded by images from two meeting reports (pages 7-16) and future meetings for the IUCr Congress (pages 12-13), ACA (page 22), ECM and AsCA (further information will appear in 15#1).

Editorial and production

Judith L. Flippen-Anderson, William L. Duax Editors
Patricia Coley Newsletter Design & Production
Jane Griffin Assistant Editor


S. Abrahams, M. Al-sherbiny, R. Colella, M. Colquhoun, J. Gallagher, T. Hussein, R.M. Ibberson, T. Jiang, A. Joachimiak, B. Krojic-Prodic, I. Leban, D. Levendis, F. Livet, P. McArdle, J. McGinley, T.K. Miyamoto, Y. Satow, A. Sharpe, R.E. Thorne, M.S. Yousef.