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The first metalloporphyrin dimer linked by a bridging phenylenedicarbene ligand

Acta Cryst. (2006). C62, m594-m596 [doi:10.1107/S0108270106043472]

[metalloporphyrin]A molecule of the bis[ruthenium(II)–porphyrin]–dicarbene complex in the triclinic unit cell. (Ru: pink, O: red, N: blue, C: gray.)
In the first bis[ruthenium(II)–porphyrin]–dicarbene complex, an inversion center is located at the center of the μ-phenylene group, leading to a parallel arrangement for the pair of porphyrin ring systems. The bond lengths and angles compare favourably with literature values for ruthenium–porphyrin–monocarbene complexes. The RuII ion is displaced out of the C20N4 porphyrin least-squares plane (by 0.2373 Å) toward the bridging ligand of the Ci-symmetry dimer. The porphyrin ring systems of the dimer thus exhibit mildly domed conformations.
H. Yuge, T.K. Miyamoto, T. Kikuchi and Y. Iwasaki