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Crystallography in France

The French National Committee for Crystallography is currently composed of chairman C. Lecomte, Nancy (charge density, small molecules, materials science, proteins), B. Capelli, Paris (crystal physics, material science), D. Louer, Rennes (powder diffraction, materials science) and D. Moras (bio-crystallography, genomics). The committee is linked to the IUCr and ICSU through the French Academy of Sciences. The board of the French Crystallographic Association (FCA) is composed of: chair, C. Lecomte, Secretary/Treasurer, B. Capelli, J.L. Hondeau (Grenoble) and A. Podjarny (Paris). The FCA has a general meeting every two years and the Biological group organizes an annual meeting. ECM19 and the FCA meeting for 2000 will be held simultaneously in Nancy, August 25-31. A crystallography school held in Toulouse in 1999 was attended by 10 students from Africa and 60 from France. Future schools for all French speaking students are planned for every two years.

C. Lecomte